Finding the right person for the role is all about Succession Planning and Talent Management both inside and outside your organisation. 

Executive Search & Recruitment

Executive Search Global offers its proven successful track record of highly sensitive appointments within both public and private organisations as a significant endorsement of its capabilities:

  • Significant experience in highest level public sector and high-profile placements;
  • Extensive transparency and auditable reporting processes;
  • Exceptional Government, Emergency Services, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Transport industry relevant networks;
  • Substantial understanding of the specific challenges and issues facing organisations; and
  • Management of politically sensitive environments and probity requirements that surround these types of appointments.

Our Search Process 

  • Refine current specification 
  • Discussion of market, culture and strategic approach
  • Agree required profile, timeline and process
  • Search Strategy
  • Job Specification
  • Unique Client Profile
  • Ensure alignment secures the ideal approach, leading to the best possible fit between strategy, culture and talent.




  • Analysis of potential candidates competencies and experience against defined profile
  • Informal referencing
  • Prelimmenary conversations with candidates
  • Long List of potentially interested candidates
  • Transperancy
  • Realtime market feedback
  • Strategic adjustment
  • Qualify dialogue about opportunity 
  • Review Long List with Client
  • Agree on prefered candidates
  • ESG Interviews Candidates
  • ESG Assessment Reports
  • Shourtlis of Candidates
  • Transperancy 
  • Whole Person lenses applied
  • Development driven feedback
  • Client interviews short listed canddates 
  • Formal referencing
  • Selection of preferred candidates 
  • Offer role and negotiate terms
  • Candidate Siging of offer
  • Reference Report covering last 10 years of worktime (4 references) 



  • Fololow up and Feedback Session with ESG Client
  • Review Search Quality and Processes
  • Third Party Client Satisfaction Survey

Why our Executive Search & Market Mapping is different to others

We understand strategy and how your internal talent measures up against talent outside your business.

Align Strategy:

Facilitate strategic alignment & create a success profile.

  • Your organisation participates in the strategic alignment process to define short- and long-term strategic business priorities.

  • Link strategic priorities to the experiences, competencies, and cultural characteristics that will ensure success of your new executive.

  • Solidify into the executive search placement success profile used to evaluate internal and external candidates.

  • Develop the strategy and overall succession planning process; 

  • Discuss communication around next steps.

    Assess capabilities

    Identify and assess internal candidates.

    • Ensure appropriate process & communication strategy is in place for internal candidates.

    • Assess candidates via appropriate assessment methods.

    • Prepare reports on candidates’ readiness, and fit relative to the success profile as well as development recommendations.

    • Provide insights for development to each candidate relative to assessment results.

      Accelerate Development

      Accelerate readiness through development.

      • Work with candidates to create development plans.
      • Create interface between each candidate and the organisational key stakeholders through project initiatives/ presentations/ mentoring opportunities. 
      • Provide coaching and/or regular progress support to close gaps and reflect accurate readiness.

        Access the Market
        (External talent):

        Benchmark External Talent.

        • Confidentially identify and evaluate executives from related industries, doing extensive blind referencing to determine top players. 
        • Evaluate benchmarked external candidates against Executive Search Success Profile. (ESSP) 
        • Provide 10-15 profiles to the organisation outlining candidates experience and an assessment on competencies

        Activate and advance performance:

        Identify successor and ensure smooth transition with the prefered candidate.

        • Review internal and external candidates using same criteria to assess readiness, motivation and fit
        • Evaluate and compare candidate trade-offs and narrow selection to finalists
        • Determine ultimate candidate selection and facilitate offer if external candidate is chosen
        • Provide coaching and transition support to successor
        • Develop an effective transition plan with the outgoing person
        • Evaluate long-term position succession internal pipeline;
        • Design an ongoing progression process that aligns with the new agenda 

        Underpinned by research-based gender & ethnic diversity initiatives infused in all phases