Understand the talent you have and the talent you need

Assessment and Selection

Without the right organization design, your strategy is just a wish list

Organization design defines clear roles and processes letting your people do their best work with more accountability and buy-in—but less wasted effort. It builds an inclusive workplace where your teams pull together.

And most of all, it makes you more nimble—ready to change when your market and customers call for it.

How we help you

You need to spot your rising stars, identify the skills you have and the skills you need. Our assessments give you a clear picture of the talent and potential in your organization right now.

We’re known for uncovering future leaders, often before your people or their managers spot the potential themselves. Here’s how we uncover your talent.

We show you how your leaders measure up

We have decades of leadership analysis and benchmarking behind us, so we know a future leader when we see one—and can also tell you who is ready for the next step today. We measure for four things:

  • Performance. How effective are your leaders right now and who are your ‘A’ players?
  • Hiring or promotion. Do you have an internal leader who can step up and tackle today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities? If you don’t, we can build a plan to close those talent gaps or help you hire someone new.
  • Potential. Who looks ready to step into a more challenging role? We seek out that potential and let you know who has the capacity to grow and how fast.
  • Fit. There’s a difference between being a good leader and being right for a particular role. We make sure potential leaders have the skillset and personality to do their best work in key positions.